Client: Morus

My Role: Designer / Art Director

Year: 2017

Online: www.morusdesign.com

Background: Morus is a registered trademark of graphic design specialized on textile prints, where I have been a founder since 2017.
Each designed piece is unique from the concept to its elaboration. To achieve this, graphic design proposals are made from illustrations, textures, colors, topics and ideas, and are expressed on fabrics or different surfaces.

Visual Identity

Inspired in graphic elements of Arts and Crafts, Charles S. Anderson Design illustrations and logos and special taste for the color purple, the symbol of the strawberries and its name taken from the scientific name of a blackberry plant, they represent the manual and craft work of the brand.

The game that makes the three spheres of the strawberries, gives a sense of movement and optimism that alludes to the natural. I looked to the visual language of botanical illustrations textbooks and pictures of differents blackberries while developing a graphic symbol and selected a purple palette with frequent pops of gold and green.

Identity Systems

Keeping the details, simplicity and structure of the brand, I designed the website, social media identity of Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, printed pieces as business cards, product label, rubber stamp, packaging and product design as foulards.

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