Web Design

American Airlines

Client: American Airlines

My Role: Designer

Year: 2010

I designed a promotional website for American Airlines Latin America, where users won a trip to ski to United States. On the website, users answered daily questions.
The result was 35K contestants and 450K answers, the most participation on a digital promo of American Airlines Latin América during 2010.
To ease the experience, the site was designed to seamlessly take the user to different information on the homepage with basic menus. The user could find daily questions to participate for the prize and win a trip to ski to United States through American Airlines from anywhere of Latin America.

The key visual kept the colors of AA logo. I made a collage with pictures of ski, animals and plants, adding textures to create a snow-capped ambient.

DesafioAA2010.com on Desktop

In the desktop design, the users could find out all information about the promotion such us daily questions, how to participate, prizes, rules, social links and different hotels that were part of the promotion. The interface moved smoothly to not interrupt the user flow, as the user scrolled through of website.

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