Web Design


Client: Cinemark Colombia

My Role: Designer / Art Director

Year: 2014

The client needed to redesign Cinemark Colombia website with the goal of giving a visual impact, attracting the public and updating the contents automatically. The new design looked for to facilitate the development of business digital model through better navigability and UX.
Together with other designers, I made visual explorations given products and services brand, its technology cinemas and its cinematographic exhibition.
To ease the experience, the site was designed to seamlessly take the user to different information on the homepage. I made the key visual with colors, typography, icons and photography with a brand guidelines and a modern and clear style, taking elements of Hollywood.

Cinemark.com.co on Desktop

Desktop and mobile design focused on the promotion of films and its had animated backgrounds, video content and banners promotion. Likewise its had spaces for brand promotion for other brands.

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