Web Design

Dr. Afanador

Client: Dr. Alejandro Afanador

My Role: Designer / Art Director

Year: 2018

The client needed to redesign LaNariz.com website with the goal of giving a visual impact and attracting the public. With the new design, users saw the most important information from home and through better navigability and UX on all site.
I made visual explorations with pictures of natural women, textures, colors and icons created, without forgetting the brand guidelines.
To ease the experience, the site was designed to seamlessly take the user to different information on the homepage with basic buttons and menus. The user could browse through services, types of surgeries, to access the brand and to find different communication channels.

LaNariz.com on Desktop

The users found out all information about the brand and the detail services in the desktop design. The photography and interface moved smoothly to not interrupt the user flow.

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