Web Design


Client: Morus

My Role: Designer / Art Director

Developer: Aiman Abdel Samad

Year: 2018

Online: www.morusdesign.com

I designed a ecommerce for my brand of graphic and textile design, taking the user into the Morus´s world. I wanted to tell the story about Morus, work process, collections, pieces, customer messages, influencers, purchase option and information contact.
The inspiration of the art was the moodboard, an element that I use a lot of times in the design process.
To ease the experience, the site was designed to seamlessly take the user to different information on the homepage with basic menus. The user could browse through products, to access the brand and to find different communication channels.

Morusdesign.com on Desktop

The users found out all information about the brand and the detail products in the desktop design too. The photography and interface moved smoothly to not interrupt the user flow.

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